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Beauties and the Beach

on June 25, 2015

Here’s the (SUPER!) late review on the trip me and my friends had back in May. Amidst the piling school reports and final exams, I managed to sneak out for a cool four days and relax at one of the Philippines’ prime vacation spots, El Nido Palawan.

El Nido got its name from the edible birds’ nest found in its caves.  Ancient Chinese literature have already mentioned an island called Pa-Lao-Yu, or Island of Beautiful Harbors since 1125 CE. Because of its unprecedented beauty, some tourists named it as “Heaven on Earth.”


We met at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport at around 9 am, just in time for the 10 am flight. While waiting for the signal to board, we filled our stomachs with delicious arroz caldo.


At exactly 10 am, we boarded Cebu Pacific, which will take us in a 1 hour flight to Puerto Princesa Palawan (excited!)

At 11 am, we landed at Puerto Princesa airport, where we were picked up by staff from our chosen accommodation, Telesfora Beach Cottages. It was a six hour drive from Puerto Princesa to Telesfora. We had a stop-over at Halfway diner at around 2 pm for our lunch. Nothing much good to say about this diner, since I find their food a little bit too dry, and all the staff did was sort of ignore us and emphasize the “self-service” sign posted at every corner of the diner. I wonder if they treat foreign visitors the same way.

After lunch, we hit the road once again. It was a ruckus since everyone was recharged and ready for another round of fooling around. Really, sometimes, it’s not all about the ride. It’s who you’re riding with. We were 8 in the group, where me and another friend were just tag-alongs. But the six other people we are hanging out with are one of the best bunch of people I have encountered. Fun and outgoing, they didn’t mind that two strangers were meddling with their barkada’s getaway.

After another 3 hours or so, we finally reached Telesfora! Excited and tired, we threw ourselves in the cottage which will be our home for the next four days. My group searched for a place to hang out, and the locals pointed us to a bar called Pukka Bar. We rode a tricycle, and after 30 minutes, we found ourselves at the beach front, where bars were lined up, piercing through the dark waters. All nationalities seemed to be present, and my group decided to settle at the beach. It would have been a great night if not only the bar told us they ran out of beer, and served us with cola rum instead. In utter disappointment, my group went back to the cottage instead and decided to purchase something we could drink at home. So we got Jose Cuervo tequila. This is the first time I will taste this kind of tequila, and it became our ultimate favorite.

Days 2-3

Without any signs of hangover from last night’s ruckus, my group woke up to delicious breakfast courtesy of Telesfora. Then, we are off to our destinations! Let the photos speak for themselves. (Phot credits go to April Catelo)

10178140_10153100591344690_2213403127962529162_n Sunset by the beach in front of Telesfora Cottages

View by the boat16395_10153100590934690_6528270676113809382_n

10422477_10153100586129690_1292210981297505870_n 10985567_10153100586149690_2235411097250699902_n 11390095_10153100585259690_3114822333507518776_n 11048267_10153100583324690_2815335835865872781_n 11389998_10153100521204690_6068879409982462905_n 10982749_974973419188321_5576914472470284640_n 10476396_10153100520419690_2522303383077131342_n 11202611_10153100517689690_2588893810100422769_n 10313370_10153100514819690_737491672620889960_n 11017698_10153100498454690_2505769566848277345_n 11242341_10153100494084690_1437424974539613926_n 11141769_10206923899084324_3705131592241553780_n 11329797_881516801885981_8660877572029331354_n 10404254_882084201829241_509632379423541803_n

Because of this getaway, I vowed to visit the Philippines’ most scenic spots at least twice a year.

It really is more fun in the Philippines!


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