Beautifully diversified.

on February 3, 2016

So just this year, I started being a full-time, part-time consultant. Kinda confusing but so I’ll explain myself. I used to be employed to only one manufacturing company for the last five years. Just last June, I decided to quit this 8 to 5 job and join the academe. From May to December 2015 I served as a part time lecturer while being part time consultant for the manufacturing firm I used to be involved full time. Now, as the K12 program started to proliferate, I had to quit teaching and look for consultancy jobs elsewhere. I found myself jobless for a month.

Come January, consultancy offers came. Now I am involved with three local cosmetic companies serving as product development consultant and regulatory consultant. By mid-January, I started becoming active in an international forum on cosmetic science. Here, I meet personal care enthusiasts looking for information about their various queries. I found myself transacting online with people I know I have very little chance of meeting personally. While most of them do not pursue their projects with me, there are two which I am constantly talking with until now.

I hope this kind of hobby can turn out into a dependable business one day.


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