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San San WW Cream

on December 30, 2016

So I went rush shopping for a BB cream for our Christmas Party last December 23. As I got off the MRT station at Centris , I passed by HBC. I’ve been a fan of the store’s products for a very long time now, but I haven’t visited for quite a while because of my crazy schedule. I haven’t even got the time to check that I don’t have BB cream anymore!

I immediately went inside the store and rushed over the section where all face paints are displayed.I was about to pick up my favorite BB cream when I saw this:


I have heard of the AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF and even GG creams. But not a WW. I chose this one without trying if it will match my skin color, which was a very compulsive move I realized the moment I already paid for it. And I never had the chance to try it on until on the day of the party. It looked good on me so I thought of reviewing its actual performance. Here’s the blow by blow review:

  1. Packaging: I am a fan of HBC’s concept of a tube with a spout. It really makes their BB creams very easy to dispense, and hygienic for long term use. The product comes in a 30 ml tube, good for 15 days for me.
  2.  Product: The contents looks like your regular BB cream. It comes in just one shade that (thankfully) blended with my skin tone. It also has a scent that is not too overpowering.15785373_10154515183554934_1183213344_o
  3. Claims: “A multi-benefit Whitening and Wrinkle Control Cream that evens out skin tone as it nourishes and protects skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. It also provides a natural looking coverage suited to your skin tone, for a smooth and flawless looking finish. This cosmetic product with dermatological benefits is formulated with Arbutin, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to provide whitening, wrinkle control and moisture for a healthier skin.”

Arbutin, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid are generally regarded as safe since the beginning of time. And they have proven efficacy in creams and lotions. To claim though that this product has dermatological benefits is over the top for me. Cosmetics can never have medicinal claims, so the whitening, wrinkle control and moisturizing effect of this product will only last as long as you are using it. No permanent effect should be expected. Dermatologists are Dermatologists, and WW creams are not likely to provide the same effect really.

4. Price: At P220.00, this is one very affordable product. Five starts for it!

5. Performance: Upon application of the product on the skin, I love the cooling sensation it gives. As for the coverage, I am not satisfied with it. I still had to apply a more if I want to build coverage. For the moisturizing claim, I can say yes to this since my skin looked amazing after setting it with Maybelline pressed powder. The whitening and wrinkle control I still have to test.

As you can see, after 1 layer of the product my skin looked a little bit smoother, but there is almost no coverage. It will be a good make-up base though, since it made my concealer glide smoothly over my undereyes. It brighten up my face but no coverage at all. Also, I felt my skin was moisturized, which makes this a tinted moisturizer too.

So I left for work, and two hours later took another photo at the office. As you can see my skin looked amazing under natural light. My nose was a bit oiled up here, but overall I am loving the effect. After the ruckus filled train ride my skin still managed to look like I just got out of my car.

After 12 hours of being a diligent employee, I took another photo. Sadly, there seems to be no more of the fresh-faced look, which was replaced by a “just woke up” one. Had to retouch to get back on track for the night’s event. I had to meet with le boyfriend after work so I has to redo everything.

Overall, I can say that San San WW Cream is a make-up base and tinted moisturizer with cooling effect and long term benefits of skin whitening, wrinkle control and moisturizing. I wasn’t able to keep the ingredients since it was printed on the shrink wrap surrounding the cap, which I tore out. Best used under foundation for a smoother glide. This might even help in the minimalization of streaks caused by make-up brushes and beauty blenders. Speaking of blenders, I might do a review of HBC’s Beauty Blender soon, maybe after the holidays. Happy New Year everyone!


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