Beautifully diversified.

So just this year, I started being a full-time, part-time consultant. Kinda confusing but so I’ll explain myself. I used to be employed to only one manufacturing company for the last five years. Just last June, I decided to quit this 8 to 5 job and join the academe. From May to December 2015 I served as a part time lecturer while being part time consultant for the manufacturing firm I used to be involved full time. Now, as the K12 program started to proliferate, I had to quit teaching and look for consultancy jobs elsewhere. I found myself jobless for a month.

Come January, consultancy offers came. Now I am involved with three local cosmetic companies serving as product development consultant and regulatory consultant. By mid-January, I started becoming active in an international forum on cosmetic science. Here, I meet personal care enthusiasts looking for information about their various queries. I found myself transacting online with people I know I have very little chance of meeting personally. While most of them do not pursue their projects with me, there are two which I am constantly talking with until now.

I hope this kind of hobby can turn out into a dependable business one day.

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VitaSkin Eye bag Treatment

Today, I had my eye bag treatment from VitaSkin Medical Clinic. I availed of a promo voucher from Gupo. VitaSkin Medical Clinic is located at Remedios cor. Taft Avenue. For more information, visit their website at http://www.vitaskinmedicalclinic.com/.

I was welcomed into the clinic by no less than Dra. Liza Clarus – Mangundaya. She led me in and introduced me to one of her attendants (who I forgot to ask the name of). The attendant chatted merrily, joking about what she’s going to do to me. The procedure took about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The attendant applied a cream under my eyes. Starting with my right eye, she started to roll a steel rod (or what seems to be, since my eyes were closed!). For about five to ten minutes she continuously pressed lightly until the cream was absorbed. She then did the same procedure for my left eye. Before treatment my eyes look like this


After treatment, there wasn’t much of a noticeable change. But the feeling is different. It’s as if my eyes are more relaxed.


The attendant gave me a maintenance eye cream, Eye Gel Contour from France.


I’m not sure if the treatment will be successful. I have yet to use this before I blog about it. Watch out for my next entries!

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Semi Di Lino Hair Treatment

Just had my hair treated with Semi Di Lino.


I had my hair Digi-permed last April. I love my curls! But then, when I met with a hairdresser friend of mine today, he said my curls are so dry it irritates him. He recommended Semi Di Lino. The product comes in a 15-20 ml (a rough estimate) clear glass bottle, as shown in image above.

My friend shampooed my hair first before applying the product onto my hair and scalp. As an additional friendly service, he added hot oil treatment (nyahaha!). My hair was cured for about 30 to 45 minutes. When he rinsed and dried my hair, the result is just brilliant!


My dry, curled and frizzed hair somewhat relaxed into sexy waves. It seemed like the fluid quenched my hair’s thirst for nutrients. I just have to observe if the shine will actually last. But for now, I love what Semi Di Lino did to my hair.

Visit Salon de Mane, NR Salon for you to experience the luxurious Semi Di Lino for just P500.00. Located along the National Highway, San Pedro, Laguna, in front of RCBC Bank and McDonalds San Pedro.

TIPS FOR BEAUTIFUL HAIR (From Mane of Salon de Mane)

1. Use conditioner more often that shampoo, to prevent the hair from drying out.
2. When you had you hair rebonded, NEVER settle for anything else. Do not relax or simply straight your hair.
3. For healthy hair, maintain a monthly treatment from your local salon.
4. When your hair is colored, and you want to straighten it, go for Rebond. It is much safer thn Relaxing your hair after a color treatment.

For more information about Semi Di Lino Products, visit their website at Alfaparf Milano Group.

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Banahaw Heals Spa

I have always been a spa junky, testing the services offered by spas anywhere I go. One time, a friend introduced Banahaw Heals Spa to me. I have seen some tarpaulin posters of this spa, but was reluctant to try. With my girl friend, I was convinced to try it.

We went one Saturday morning to the Muntinlupa branch. This one is located at the 2nd Floor Larychean Bldg. along the National Highway. At first glance, the place seems to be crowded outside. But once you step inside, you definitely will feel like a princess.

The spa gave me a “royal Muslim” feeling, with its sheer curtains hanging from the ceiling. The low lighting made me feel sleepy… The aroma of the place just made me feel relaxed. With the music and the ambiance, together with the free wifi, customers will surely be delighted to come back.

My friend recommended that I try one of their packages, Package 3, which includes whole body scrub and 5-in-1 full body massage. The experience was one that I was happy about. Of all the spas that I have gone into, only at Banahaw did the therapist manage to really make my bones crack (chuckle). The body scrub was also great. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized, even if not lotion is applied to the scrubbed skin. Unlike other scrub procedures that leave the skin feeling rough, Banahaw’s scrub seems to keep the moisture locked in the skin, up to three days from the time of the scrub!

The therapists were really skillful on how they should handle every type of customer. I once heard a customer ask the receptionist if there were any therapists suitable for older people, and the receptionist gave them a therapist well trained in this area. After every service comes the delicious, relaxing tea.

The best thing that I loved about this spa is the membership. There are two options, Personalized or Family/ Corporate. Personalized membership is for individuals only, with a fee of P250. Family/Corporate membership enables the member to bring Relatives and/or co-workers. Me and my friend availed of the Family/Corporate membership, for just P500. Unlimited number of family members/ coworkers can be brought by the member for the services. One time lifetime membership, and you’ll be able to avail of services at HALF the price for non-members.



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